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Morn + Sok {Married}  


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Molly + Mark {Married}  


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Samai + Hardy {Married} Samai + Hardy {Married}


Location: The Masion

3000 Main Street
Voorhees, New Jersey 08043




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Alana + Money {Married} Alana + Money {Married}

Wow!  What a beautiful & emotional wedding.  I love every moments of it.  Congratulation guys!



The Bradford Estate, 1910 Marne Hwy., Hainesport, NJ 08036



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Saden + Sinoun {Engaged}  


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Samai + Hardy {Engaged}  


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Linh + Quan {Married}  


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Erica + John {Senior Prom} Erica + John {Senior Prom}. 

Hey, Guys... I'm running a special on senior portrait session.  Let's capture this moments of your last year in High School.  Please contact me for details.


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Charlie + Huoi {Married} Congrats to Charlie + Huoi {Married}

They are the two most easy going person I've even known.  What ever the situation, they had an positive attitude toward life.  It really shine through the type of person they really are.  

Location: Northampton & Colmar, PA

Wedding Reception: Golden City 

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Ratha + Shawn {Married} Two of the most passionate, loving, and caring couple I've ever taken photo of.  Their love is bonded like glue.  Congrats Guys!

Makeup: Lena Starz

Hair : Sitha Jackson Kimball

Location: Marriott Courtyard, Waterworks, & Hai Tien




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Linh + Quan {Engaged}  


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Alana + Money {Engaged} Engagement session with Alana + Money.


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Khemra + Eric {Family} Khemra + Eric {Family}.  Second session with the Duplon Family.  Eric junior is finally born.  Enjoy!

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Sarah Lam {Family} Sarah Lam family portrait session.  Enjoy!

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Sinoun + Kanin {Married} Congrats to Sinoun + Kanin.  Rock and Roll couple!  Here are some photos from the wedding.  Enjoy!

I would like your feedback, Post your comments!  Thanks!

-Sitha :-)


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Louisa {Portrait Session} Here some picture of Louisa at recent photo session.


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Erika {Portraits Session} Portrait session with Erika Z.

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Rosanna + Socheat {Married} Congrats to Rosanna + Socheat {Married}, they're from Williamstown, NJ.  Reception at Hai Tien @ 16th & Washington, Phila, PA.  I hope you all like the photos, leave comments cause it makes my day.  Enjoy!


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Mala + David {Married} Congrats to Mala + David {Married}.  Their wedding is short and sweet.



Colleen's Savoy Caterers, 1444 Rt. 73 North, Pennsauken, NJ 08110



The Refugeez



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